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Serving up the most amateurish Napa Valley restaurant guide since 2008!

Some background on the site and what to expect out of it. These are just our takes on the restaurants in the areas as we're determined to eat our way through Napa Valley. Mostly higher-end restaurants here, but some lower end ones too for no particular reason.

Yeah, the restaurant reviews are waaaay out of date

I originally created this site for fun back in 2008 just as a hobby and then it totally dropped off my radar by the end of 2010. So, at the end of 2012, I sort of have a New Year's Resolution to update this site as it's this weird snapshot of Napa Valley dining from late 2010 and the region has changed a *lot* since then from a culinary perspective. Or as one fellow wrote to me in late 2012:  "I do like your reviews but you MUST update your list of restaurants. Many of them are no longer in business. Please do this – if you take the time to create a site, keep it updated!"



Napa Valley restaurant reviews from 2 townies in the making

We moved to Napa a few years ago (uh...well more like 8) and since Napa Valley is known all over for its fine wine and food, we decided to track all the tasty places that we ate at. And we know one day, we will have to move so we'd like to have the memories (sob).

So, just like all good netizens, we're posting our experiences to let others get a look at one couple's view of the restaurants in the Napa Valley area. We'll post reviews on our favorite places to eat, both high-end and normal, everyday places so you can get an idea of what your choices are. Sometimes you want fine dining. Sometimes you don't. And we'll try to post links from other sites that have good material on these restaurants so you can get other points of view. Since we live in the city of Napa, the reviews will probably slant more towards what's around us.


Things to keep in mind while reading the reviews

No aspirations of culinary genius or good taste; we just like to eat.

You're in the wrong place if you think this will bring you to new levels of culinary enlightenment. We're not going to pretend that we're experts. This isn't a Zagat's Guide or Michelin Guide. We just like to eat, and so just think of this as two residents' take on things. No aspirations of being a professionally written periodical either. Expect lots of typos, formatting weirdness, and so on.

Sometimes, people use reviews to show off how smart they are by lifting their targets to heavenly heights or tittering at the restaurant's pathetic attempts to please. Personally, I think cooking a decent meal is fairly tough. Never mind doing it at a high level for a lot of people. This isn't to say that some restaurants aren't better than others or that they're all great, but running a restaurant is bloody hard work. Given my own culinary ineptitude, I'm not going to beat up some restaurant just because they're not better than the best ones in the area.

We're not great with wines.

We like food a lot more than we like wine. We know what we like and what we don't with respect to wines. But we never seem to remember the darn labels. Yes, we're hicks.

We'll try places multiple times.

I've never understood how people can say that "restaurant A sucks because the one time I went there, X happened." I think part of this is because these people don't live here and are understandably upset that one of their few meals here didn't go well. But we do live here. We'll go to a restaurant a few times even if the first meeting didn't work out that well. Everybody makes mistakes, and if you want uber high consistency, go to McDonalds. If I think the restaurant overall is giving an honest effort, we'll go a few times to take a broader view.

Actually, we have to. We generally eat at these places 1-2 times a week which means even if we have favorites, we have to spread the love to keep things interesting after a few years. Did I mention that we've put on weight since we've moved here?

Yes, our pictures suck.

Sometimes, I'll just use my lousy cell phone camera as I don't want to break out a camera every time we go somewhere. Sometimes, we will have a nicer camera, but since we tend to have dinners, the lighting tends to suck (or rather my digital photography skills suck. Too dark, too bright, too blurry...). Even then, we sometimes won't bust out the camera if there are a lot of other people around us as the flash will distract some from their meals, etc. I will try to point some links to other sites that do have nicer pictures though.

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